Thoughtful Gifts for the Seekers in Your Life

By Contributing Writer: Grace Cady

Embedding thoughtfulness lends a soft layer around the harshness life can bring, and gifting is the warmest opportunity to make a loved one feel truly seen, for showing them how well you know them. 

My deepest piece of advice for gifting is paying attention to the person across from you. What do they mention in passing, what comes up again and again in your conversations, and how can you pull those things together into a gift that feels as though it was made just for them? Adding personalized additions that come directly from you, as simple as a handwritten note explaining why the gift made you think of them or hand wrapping with a ribbon or piece of twine (even if it feels a little messy!) adds a handmade feel bringing more love and care into the gift. As you think about your gift recipient, ask yourself what they seek in life. Are they always looking for comfort? Do they chase adventure? Maybe they’re always working to gather community and create memorable moments. Here are a few ideas for anyone in your life.

Gift for the Comfort Seeker



For the person who is always looking to be a little cozier, more mindful, and soft. I tuck myself under this Bearaby Tree Napper every evening, and it truly makes me feel safe and warm.



My very own Mindful Pottery Subscription is a gift that can keep on giving, with up to six months of thoughtful packages of handmade pottery delivered right to your loved ones home, including handwritten letters and mindfulness prompts.



My friends and I have been making and sharing pot pie recipes since NYC grew cold last month so, if food is the way to their comfort, an Agrarian Pie Dish may be the best inspiration for cozy dinners.

Gifts for the Adventure-Seeker



Sometimes, adventure is just down the street at your local park! My friends and I gather every weekend for games and laughter on the grassy hills of Fort Greene Park. One Saturday afternoon, a friend showed up with a waterproof picnic blanket gifted by her sister and it was a total hit as we congregated on the dewy grass.



This Great Escapes Alps Hotel Book will keep your traveling friend’s wanderlust at bay and give inspiration for their next big trip.



The Everywhere Bag seems to truly be everywhere, I see these atop every AWAY travel trolley when I wait for flights at JFK. Perfect to keep your favorite jet setter organized (and stylish)!



An ideal gathering in my home includes cozy candles and many boards filled with finger foods so loved ones can mill about and chat throughout the evening – no sit down dinner required! This stunning book is full of ideas to make easy and beautiful boards for your friends.



The best kind of community gatherings always involve outdoor games. Whether we’re setting up our pickleball net in the basketball court behind our apartment or throwing Bocce Balls on the grassy hills of Fort Greene Park, these two games are sure to bring your loved ones together and laughter to ensue.



This fan-favorite game decked out in coastal hues will make you reminisce on past beach memories (and will give you something to look forward to in the warmer months!).

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