When the Gift Wrapper Is the Gift Giver

By Contributing Writer: Stacie Holt Eley

Wrapping for others is joy, and wrapping presents for people I love brings that joy to a new level. As a luxury gift wrapper, taking the time to ensure I convey my clients’ wishes through a beautifully wrapped gift brings me so much happiness. I take pride in making sure the right color and sized bow matches the right paper coupled with the best embellishments – elevating any gifting occasion! I love creating these moments and when I find myself as the gift giver, it’s even more exciting. When wrapping a gift for someone I love, the wrapping is the easy part. Instead, I often find myself stressing over what to actually give! In comes To and From. As a minority small business owner, patronizing similar businesses is important to me. Knowing I have a company I can turn to for help with curating specialized gifts that also shows me brand business categories, has been a true game changer. I love that I can search for gifts that match my personal mission, supporting other founders of color, and that To&From has done the hard work to curate only the best brands. 

I’m excited to share To&From with you and wanted to share the personalized list of gifts I’ve curated for the important people in my life – from my adult children to my mom and dad! I hope you find the gifts you are looking for this season, and if you need help with the wrapping, you know who to call!

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This cutie is made with tiny gold-filled beads and has gold heart charm. Guaranteed to become one of her go-to’s!



A smart way to travel with your precious jewelry — featuring multiple compartments to organize earrings, bracelets and necklaces.



Sometimes, all an outfit needs is a striking touch of gold! This bracelet will be sure to elevate and complete any wardrobe ensemble.



The Deluxe Passport Holder allows you to have your passport fashionably at your fingertips. It can be used in and out of the airport and loops onto your suitcase with ease.



Music makes for an excellent travel partner,  and the best way to enjoy it is with the SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker. Its rugged design can withstand water, dust, and a few bumps and bruises along the way.



If you play golf as often as my son, having a stylish holder for your score card is not only impressive, but can also be the perfect distraction to your opponents. Handcrafted in the USA from full-grain leather, and fits perfectly into the player’s back pocket or golf bag.



A subscription plan with the duration and frequency of your choosing is the perfect way to show your parents you’re thinking of them, even from afar. 



Their coffee break will never be the same with this mug cast in creamy white clay and glazed with crushed black slate from an upstate New York quarry. 



Fill their home with the fresh scent of a beautiful blend of Monterey cypress, sequoia, eucalyptus bark, and sea mist, crafted by a master perfumer.

All photos are from the respective brands included in this post. Our Gifting Intelligence™ was used to select each product. To&From may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.

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