Holiday Trends We’re Obsessing Over (and So are You) – 2023

Holiday 2023 – It’s Here, Like it or Not!

Wow. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were talking about the holiday trends of 2022 – remember those? Mission Driven Gifts, Personalized Gifts, and Gifts for Together Time? Well, a year has flown by and we are at it again. It’s only October but we are starting to see what the trends for this year are shaping up to be. We’ve been very busy working on custom corporate gift orders which gives us some insight into where people’s heads are and an early indication of what holiday will look like – and we are starting to see increases in holiday gifting filters on our site. In fact, holiday filters on our site were used for 13.5% of all searches in September, compared to just 3% in August. So, here we go! It’s a little early, so we will update you in the coming weeks on what is trending up and down but for now there are three clear trends that might help shape your own holiday gift strategies this year. 

The first is a continuation of a big holiday shopping trend from 2022: Shopping your values, with a big focus on the environment. The news of whether related catastrophes was intense in September and it seeped into the mindset of the consumer, ours at least. Nearly 50% of all searches on our site included the use of Eco-focused filters. Nearly 50%. Great news is we’ve got you covered with our extensive assortment of sustainableB-corp, and otherwise mission driven to help Mother Earth brands. 

The next trend that will shape this holiday season is what we call “Out of the Home” gifts. We love a good home decor gift as much as anyone, but the dramatic covid-fueled increase in the home category is clearly over for now. Gifts for the home actually decreased by 50% in our search data year over year in September. And while it remains an important category (25% of all searches are for the home), gifters have moved onto categories that support life outside of the home. Beautyhandbags and travel related gifts are all on the rise, with a combined category increase of over 75%. Perhaps it’s the Taylor Swift/Beyoncé influence, or perhaps we are just ready to see our own besties out on the town looking their finest. Either way, we think this trend will continue through the holiday season.

The third and final trend we are beginning to see is what we call “low/high”. It’s an interesting dynamic because on one hand we are starting to see the recessionary pressures affect the $100 price point for more modest gifting (in the under $50 range), but also more interest in gifts of very high price points with increased demand for gifts $500 and over. Like we’ve said, it’s early, but this is an area we are paying particular attention to. Great news is, no matter your budget, we’ve got you covered.

We’re excited to support your Holiday 2023 gifting strategies and have a lot of announcements coming up to support you this year. So keep an eye out, and when you’re ready to tackle your list, gift us a shout at . Happy (early) holidays to you and yours.



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A candle that doubles down as a cocktail glass once emptied? Now that’s a gift worth giving.



This sparkling jewel of a puzzle is a sumptuous and colorful spread filled with glittering goblets, nature’s bounty, and an effervescent take on groups and gatherings. Cin cin, the ultimate toast to the season.



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