Best Ways to Support Small Brands This Holiday Season

Amazon Alternatives For the Win!

Let’s face it. Amazon has a place in our lives. The ease and convenience of being able to buy school supplies for your kiddos, for example, is unrivaled. When you know exactly what you are looking to buy, and are looking for the best price, Amazon is probably your go-to. It’s ours, in fact. However, when you need help finding the perfect gift, when you need validation that a brand or product is going to be high quality and well-loved, or when you need to know that what you buy is going to arrive well-packaged or beautifully wrapped, Amazon probably isn’t going to be your first choice and you are probably looking for an Amazon Alternative.

When we started building To&From and our curated assortment of the best gifts, all of these criteria were critically important. We wanted to give our customers the best assortment of independent brands. Brands that we trust and have validated, and brands that are not widely available on Amazon. We wanted to curate an assortment of mission-driven brands that support causes we care about – the environmentunderrepresented founders, and made in the USA.  We also wanted to curate an assortment that was small enough to not overwhelm our users, but big enough to cover all of our gifting filters, to help you find the right gift for all of the important people in your life. Finally, we recognize that gift presentation is a critical part of a seamless gifting experience. While we can’t control how every brand wraps every gift, we have come up with a great short-term solution as well as some long-term ideas to help address this topic. For the time being, we are happy to offer free gift wrapping on any gift purchase directly from the To&From marketplace

As we approach the holiday season, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Amazon Alternatives – gifts from brands that aren’t normally sold via Amazon, that are trusted, validated, and that offer gift presentation options. So, what are you waiting for this holiday season? Use To&From to discover new products, to gift the unexpected, and to make your own life just a little bit easier.

Gifts You Won’t Find on Amazon



This OG reusable candle is the perfect gift to get anyone in the holiday spirits, or reminisce about it once it’s sadly over.



Here’s a gift everyone needs but nobody wants to buy…slippers! But not just any slippers. These Moroccan babouche inspired slippers are so chic, they put the term “house shoes” to shame.



Brought to you by a certified woman-owned brand, this TWT giftbox is the perfect no-frills gift…charming, unique, and ready to gift!



This gorgeous walnut carving board makes for a wonderful gift and is guaranteed to be the life of your holiday dinner party (or any dinner party, really).

Products Users Love



Prepare to get your loved ones hooked this holiday season with the internet’s favorite olive oils, but in mini formats, perfect for gifting!



Give the gift of uninterrupted sleep with this total blackout eye mask. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for travel, meditation, as well as long-term use.



This cheeky accent pillow makes for a perfectly witty gift…and is sure to make all of their winter wonderland dreams come true.



This bestsellers set has everything you need to make someone’s holiday, and to care for their winter skin of course…

Beautifully Wrapped Gifts



Artisinally-made and mouth-wateringly delicious, now here’s a gift everyone is sure to love! Free gift wrapping options available. 



Give the gift of cozying up in a throw reminiscent of a winter wonderland. Customization available, elegant gift wrapping guaranteed.



This cute and practical combo is what dream gifts are made of. One-of-a-kind, these torch fired enamel earrings include a removable gold plated geometrics and come with a travel jewelry case, so you can bring your most valued pieces with you on-the-go. Free gift wrapping options available.



Desmond & Dempsey is without a doubt our leisurewear go-to, and it should be yours too. This luxe top-rated pyjama set comes snuggly secured in a beautiful branded gift box, ready to present. 

All photos are from the respective brands included in this post. Our Gifting Intelligence™ was used to select each product. To&From may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.