Gifting Etiquette – Religious Milestones

Celebrating life events brings us joy and on occasion, sadness, and these same events can also bring some level of anxiety when you don’t know how best to mark the occasion. One of the most frequent questions we get is about the gifting etiquette for religious occasions – what are the best gifts for baptisms, confirmations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, etc… Weddings, of course, have their own do’s and do not’s (which we will cover in a separate piece), but let’s first get started from the earliest days. So without further ado, we’re excited to share with you our Gifting Etiquette for Religious Occasions.


It is generally accepted practice to bring a small token gift to a Baptism. If a friend invited you to their child’s special day it signifies that they hold you in high esteem and that they appreciate the influence you will likely have on their child. There is no one best gift for a baptism; however, religious items or items that are personalized with a date and the baby’s names are great ideas. These gifts do not need to be expensive (under $50, perhaps more if you are a godparent) but should be accompanied with a card or note expressing your sentiment about the life you wish the child to have so that the parents can include it in their baby book. It is also appropriate to give a sentimental token in lieu of a gift. This could be writing down a memory of you and the child’s parents that you think is important for the child to know, or including a couple of meaningful photos in a card.

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This special earth-friendly grand ark brings meaning and fun for years to come. Celebrate with a gift that is sure to bring smiles to the young and young at heart.




This sweet keepsake allows the baby’s parents to label and organize all of the baby’s important documents and significant objects from early years, in one safe place.

Bris/Naming Ceremony

Jewish families typically do not accept gifts for their babies before they are born so while there is no formal requirement to bring a gift to a Bris or a Naming Ceremony, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring something special to celebrate the newest blessing to their family, or to pamper the parents. Baby gifts could be religious in nature but also could be items from the registry or one of your favorite gifts from your own experience. It is also appropriate and thoughtful to offer to arrange a meal or send a thoughtful food related gift in the days before or following the celebration.



IYKYK. New parents get about 3 minutes to themselves each day, typically when they shower (if they are lucky). Give them added peace and calm with these luxurious shower steamers. These all-natural steamer tablets are vapor and water activated, releasing refreshing essential oils and minerals into the stream, leaving them fully relaxed. If only for a minute or two. 



These made in America wooden Hebrew language ABC blocks will bring joy to this special child for many years to come. The perfect gift to pass down generation to generation.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

This special Jewish ceremony almost always requires a gift if you are invited – irrespective of your ability to attend. Cash is typically the best bar mitzvah gift or the best bat mitzvah gift, with tradition calling for increments of $18 – so $18, $36, $54 etc. $18 is a symbol of “Chai” which means “life” in Jewish tradition. Of course, given the young age of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, small jewelry, sports items, or experiences are also appropriate. This is also an opportunity to share a favorite memory or photo with the celebrated child to include in a card or hand written note as these memories will become part of the fabric of this child as they evolve into young adults.



This bracelet is fully customizable, with a choice of chain length, material, stone options and personalized initials of course. A sentimental gift for the woman to be.



A special alternative to the traditional watch, this engraved compass is sure to guide the way for the young adult for many years to come.

Confirmations and First Communions

While Christian youth milestones do not typically include the same level of celebration as a bar or bat mitzvah, they are equally significant to the religious upbringing of a Christian child. For a child who you may have a close relationship of faith, it is totally appropriate to give a small gift to remember this special day. Gifts should have significance to the day – an embossed bible, a small cross necklace, personalized items, or items that reflects your relationship to the child are the most appreciated gifts.



Give the gift of priceless memories with these subscription photo books. Easily customizable, these albums allow you to recollect key moments from the child’s life straight from your phone. Continue to add to the collection over time, creating a beautiful timeline of your relationship. A special gift they will keep for years to come.



This dainty and age-appropriate bracelet is an excellent option for this memorable day. Handmade in LA, this bracelet features an adjustable to ensure a perfect fit through the years. The perfect gift for a favorite niece.


This important occasion marking the transition of a girl to a woman is one of the most special events in a latina girl’s life and this occasion is often celebrated with special gifts. When attending a Quinceañera party, gifts of both religious (parties are typically preceded with a catholic mass) and symbolic orientation are both appropriate. Of course, gifts that simply bring joy to a teenage girl are also great for this occasion.



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Of course there are many other religious milestones that can be celebrated in one’s life, depending on particular custom and beliefs. Many of these can be celebrated with gifts -both small and large. The most important thing to keep in mind is to think about your own special relationship with the star of the day and give a gift that reflects how you feel about them and what you wish for them in their future. These special moments are remembered for years to come and with just a little thoughtfulness, your gifts will be too.

We’d love to hear your favorite gifts for these occasions and other milestones that are important in your life.

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