Best Gifts to Show Them (or Make Them Think) You’ve Been Paying Attention

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that sneaks up on us. Just as we are setting into the cold, dark winter – BAM – we need gifts for the people we love. And it’s not just our significant others who like to be remembered on this day – our kids expect to be given extra cuddles, candy AND a Robux Gift Card and our gals like to be reminded that they are special too. But don’t fret. Here are a few simple ideas that will make everyone smile.

To&From brings great gifts to every holiday and we believe that the best gifts are personal to the person receiving them. This means deeply understanding what they are into, what they want, what they already have and matching that to the appropriate gifts for that holiday and your special relationship. The best gift for Valentine’s day, or any day for that matter, doesn’t have to be over the top or overly expensive. A well written note with a single stem of her favorite flower goes further than a generic Amazon box. Trust us, we know.

This Valentine’s Day, surprise them with these gifts that make you look like you’ve been paying attention ;). 

Gifts for Her

We often hear questions like “What do I get my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day” or “Are flowers for my wife cliché?” The answer, sadly, is it depends. Just like there is no one relationship, there is no perfect gift. Flowers can be modern and unexpected and a nice piece of jewelry never goes out of style. Sometimes, however, there is joy in the unexpected. So, covering all of our bases, here are some great gifts she is sure to love.



Step it up from the classic rose with this gorgeous, modern assortment. Perfect for bringing some joy to any winter’s day, especially Valentine’s Day.



She may not believe you picked this out on your own, but she will tell every friend who compliments her on it that it was a special gift from you.



Diamonds may not actually be a girl’s best friend, but we don’t know a woman who has not enjoyed the thrill of wearing diamond jewelry. This bracelet is as unique as your relationship with her and she will love thinking of you every time she slips it on.

Gifts for Him

Valentine’s day gifts are a two-way street, so don’t forget to give him what he wants. That may not be a gift, per se, but these great gifts should help set the mood.



Cocktail night could be just the thing to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. Experiment with some craft cocktails and you never know where the night might go!



He may not like to be referred to as your sugar daddy, but his sweet tooth will thank you.



If outdoor adventure is your guy’s jam, he will love snuggling up with his sweetie in this hammock made for two.

Gifts for Galentines

Our friends can feel like family and it’s always nice to celebrate them too – particularly if they are single or going through a tough relationship patch. These great gifts will remind them that someone cares.



These intention bracelets are the perfect way to remind you galentine that she is stronger than she knows. With lots of colors and intentions to choose from, you can give her a bracelet that meets her where she is.



Brighten their day, and their room, with these beautiful, reusable ceramic candles. The peony fragrance will keep her going til spring.



Ease them out of dry January with these delicious aperitifs. Perfect for hanging out with friends, planning your next conquests.

We wish you a day full of love this Valentine’s Day, however you mark the day and hope these gifts work for the ones you love. More great gifts for Valentine’s Day can be found at the link below.


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