9 Practical and Fun Gifts for the Home

By Contributing Writer: Haley Pearce

I find myself to be pretty practical. This is no different when it comes to gift giving, and even gift wrapping (my side hustle!). Practicality, however, doesn’t  mean leaving out all of the fun. When I gift, I rarely want to give someone something expected, I want to give something that is useful, wanted, and most of all, FUN!  Gift giving is meant to show love, and love CAN be both fun and practical at the same time.

Those that know me, also know how much I love being home and how important home is for me.  The home is meant to be a special place; a place where we feel happy, comfortable, and loved.  For me, I find joy in plants, and the special touch of nature they bring into the home.  I also find comfort in the kitchen; this being a place that naturally brings people together.  Lastly, I wanted to gather gift ideas that bring love, whether for date night, reminiscing, or just enjoying time at home.

So please enjoy these gift ideas below, each ticking the fun, practical, great gifts for the home boxes.. My full To&From Gift Guide can be found here.



As a plant lover myself, I love an easy-to-care for plant, as well as a beautiful pot, and The Cathy fits those criteria perfectly!  I adore the cleverness of this gift that is sure to make anyone smile. Plus, air plants are perfect for anyone who does not consider themselves to have a green thumb.



How many times have you heard someone at a bridal shower comment how jealous they are of the new pans the bride is receiving?  It’s time for an upgrade! A new baking set would be loved by anyone who spends time in the kitchen.



Maybe their love language isn’t gifts… but quality time.  A date night is just the answer!  My husband and I have done date boxes, and we love them!  It is perfect for our busy, parenting lifestyle. We love a date night at home.



Everyone with plants, who spends the time watering and caring for those plants, deserves to do so beautifully.  I love the sleekness of this watering can.  This is one I know I would want to leave out to display alongside my plants.



What is better than the gift of knowledge?  Masterclass is a must!   The learning opportunities are endless.  Here one can learn from the best of the best: cooking and beyond!



There is science and power behind how scents affect our emotions and memory.   Create an atmosphere of beautifully curated scents in the home, and you may never want to leave.  This truly is a gift that keeps on giving, and it smells so good!



Plants deserve to be dressed up!  Covering up an ugly, plastic nursery pot is easy with this basket.  The beautiful texture of this basket would make a stunning home for a plant.  Plus, the handles make it easier to move, too!  It is a win-win.



I love a night at home, looking at family pictures.  I have personally used Chatbooks and I can’t recommend them enough.  Pictures are so often trapped on our phone, but once they are printed, then they can be enjoyed!  A collection of your favorite pictures together is bound to bring a smile.



I don’t know if I have ever been more excited about a gift idea.  Flowers have an amazing way of brightening a home and someone’s day.  Weekly flower deliveries will continually remind your loved one how you are thinking of them!  And they smell nice, too.

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