Gifting for the Different Stages of Love – How to Get It Right

Ahh relationships. The delightful smell of love in the air. So many things can really make-or-break a relationship, and gift-giving is definitely one of them. We’ve all had those thoughts – “We just started dating and it’s her birthday, what do I do?” or “Christmas is coming and I’m into this woman, but not THAT into her!” or hopefully, “I am really into them and don’t want to blow it”.

The reality is, nobody sets out to intentionally give the wrong gift, but sometimes even a gift you thought was a great idea can send the wrong message. Jewelry before the one-year mark could mean something you didn’t intend. And slippers for your long-term partner could trigger some cold winter nights. The wrong gift could be a deal breaker for some, while the right gift could spice things up just as you hoped. Either way, timing (and the right gift) is everything. It’s usually best to plan ahead, so we hope we caught you early. 

At To&From, we’re here to help with your gifting needs, for every stage of your relationship.

Great gifts for early love. They were promoted at work, it’s their birthday, it’s the 2 month anniversary of your first date, or it’s Christmas. No matter the occasion, these gifts all say “I like you” without saying more.



Gift the taste of French luxury with this assortment of 12 traditional and seasonal macarons, presented in an elegant gift box.



Treat your honey to some “me” time with fail-safe number. A clean-burning, lushly fragranced candle designed to enhance the ambiance of any space in their home.



Brought to you by one of France’s oldest parfumerie, this gift will be sure to impress without breaking the bank. 

Choose from their wide selection of colors and textures, and opt to emboss it with their initials, a cute word, or leave it blank depending on the occasion.

For many, this is the most interesting time in a relationship. You know each other well, you’ve been dating for some time and maybe you are on the same page about the relationship – but maybe you aren’t. So, depending on where your head is, the gifts matter.



Potted in a shimmering gold planter, this white flowering plant, synonymous with beauty and elegance will add a new dimension of elegance to any home or office space.

A classy yet somewhat frivolous gift perfect for any gifting occasion.



Delight all your senses with this cookbook for two. Instead of just “dinner and a movie,” scratch off an adventure and enjoy delicious, unique recipes for the perfect date night!

This gift says “let’s have fun together” while also saying “I want to get to know you better.”



This luxurious (yet affordable) gift is perfect for when you feel like you’re winning her over.

Given in the right context, this gift could be playful, signifying it may be time for them to put aside your old t-shirts, and instead leave this chic robe at your place.

When you know, you know. So maybe you are close to popping the big question, or maybe you’ve just asked them to cohabitate. No matter how you define “This is it’, these gifts are forever, or should feel like it at least. When you want them to know that you really know them, these gifts should hit the mark.



Make a grand statement at the next special occasion with these beautiful jewel toned roses. This brilliant display of three dozen garden roses hinted with fragrance will be sure to sweep your lover off their feet.



First thing’s first, these are not your grandmother’s pearls. These freshwater pearls are perfect if you’re hesitant on her jewelry style. They feature a removable earring post designed to wrap around the lobes, so they can be mixed and matched, or worn solo as a stud.



Loved by celebrities around the world, this cult wardrobe staple makes a great versatile gift for your fashionable sweetheart. Ethically handwoven and embroidered, this high-quality bag can be customized to bear the message of your choice and will be a hit for your next vacation (maybe the big vacation)!

At this point, you should *almost* know them better than they know themselves. But sometimes, that may actually be the most challenging point to buy a gift. Perhaps you’ve exhausted your ideas during previous celebrations, perhaps not. Either way, these gifts will be sure to please your long-term partner.



Mark a special occasion with this timeless pendant. Handmade sustainably in NYC, this piece can be worn long for a classic look, or closer to the neck for an edgy one. Available for engraving.



Classic tastes of chocolate and champagne in a modern gift box along with your handwritten message. Great for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or for no particular occasion, this gift goes a long way.



This dainty cross-body bag comes in an array of colors to match your soulmate’s personal style.  Made from high quality vegetable-tanned leather sourced from a family-owned tannery, this bag is intended to age naturally over time, growing in character the more they use it, just like your love for one another. Opt to have it monogrammed for extra sweetness.

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