Dreaming of a Vacation? Check Out Our Top Gifts by Most Popular Travel Destination of 2023

Summer is almost here, but judging by how warm the weather has been, it’s almost as if Summer has already made its fashionably early appearance. We don’t know about you, but summer’s early arrival has us yearning for something, and that something is to leave our cocoon and explore the world! Not all of it of course, but part of it. And it seems we’re not the only ones… while Covid numbers are relatively low, many are considering escaping the country to make up for the last few years of staycationing. We’ve gathered some data and with a little help from Google Flights, we’re happy to present you with the most popular travel destinations of 2023, or in other words, where everyone will be heading this summer. And since traveling always seems to bring unforgettable memories, finding the perfect gift is key to making these last. So whether you’re planning your own lil’ summer escape, or know someone that is, this destination-themed gift assortment is perfect for before the trip, to bring along the trip, or for those post-travel blues. Each gift reflects the essence of the city, so you or a loved one can reminisce on those sweet overseas memories.

1. London



Brought to you by London’s artistic shopper’s resort, the Archie Coin Purse oozes English Summer vibes, and is perfect for your British pounds. 



If you’re headed to one of Europe’s most fashionable cities, you better smell the part! This luscious body cream promises to hydrate your exhausted summer skin and leave you smelling divine. Oh, and did we mention this is Sophia Richie Grainge’s signature scent?



Cute, comfy, and oh-so British.

2. Cancun



Punchy stripes, festive pom poms, sturdy leather handles and seagrass lining encompass the charm of this handmade raffia tote. Perfect for the beach, and walks on the boulevard.



Rim, pour, drink! Known by locals as “the best way to drink tequila,” this Cantaritos Kit will make you think you’re in Cancun all Summer long.



In case they still need to work from the poolside. Made using UV and water resistant umbrella canvas.

3. Paris



Get them excited about their trip with this best-selling volume featuring a glimpse into parisian life. Perfect for planning their trip, and reminiscing about it over coffee upon their return.



Cliché? Maybe. But this cutesy tote hits all the F boxes—functional, fashionable, and freaking adorable! 



Parisian elegance meets LA glitz with this handmade 14K gold bracelet. A must-have for any wannabe Frenchie.

4. Rome



Light, functional and convertible(!), this belt bag is perfect for your Roma escape, keeping your phone and cards safe and readily available whether you need them.



Chic, scratch resistant, UV-blocking, with just the right amount of cat eye to go with any look, and give you just the right amount of attention. 



For when the post-trip-carb-deprived blues begin to hit… try your hand at pasta making!

5. Tokyo



If there’s a place in the world where you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new, it’s Tokyo. So be bold, get out of your comfort zone, and wear this funky-shaped Abacus Bag with confidence.



Inspired by the Komuso monks of 17th century Japan, the Shift combines modern science and sleek design with ancient wisdom. The elegant whistle-shape pendant helps relieve anxiety and can even help you quit smoking, making it the perfect gift for antsy flyers!



Fashioned in the spirit of the Japanese yukata, this summer robe was handmade in NYC from 100% silk noil, a type of untreated silk proven to benefit those with dry skin, eczema, or acne!

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