There Is No Joy in Amazon

If you have a shopping need, and you know exactly what you want and know exactly what you are willing to pay for it, there is almost no better alternative to Amazon. As millions of people experience on a daily basis, Amazon is unrivaled in matching known desires with satisfactory outcomes in the most efficient manner. It’s technologic magic. The problem is that once you start to stray away from this equation, the magic is gone. 

Amazon Prime Day is once again upon us, promising endless aisles of deals and items you “can’t live without,” which got me thinking about how these promises break down when you have a gifting need. The absence of a great online marketplace tailored to the unique needs of gifting certainly has influenced how we’ve built To&From, and how we think about the kind of experience we are building. We have focused our curation on wonderful brands that share our belief that retail isn’t just about an efficient transaction. We believe deeply that consumers are craving a different kind of experience and hope that To&From delivers just that. We curate with intent, focusing on products from brands that support causes we care about – the environment, under-represented founders, and making the world a better place.

When you need an efficient shopping experience and aren’t looking for joy, Amazon is just fine. But if you’re looking for something special, check out these great gifts below. 

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Gifts With an Eco Focus



This great set includes the Daily Stone Starter Kit, The Dry Brush, and The Makeup Bag. Use the Dry brush to reveal your softest skin. Follow with your favorite Body Stone for a nourished glow. Brush up, rinse off, and invite the softness in.



The Glass French Press is an evolution of the classic press pot. The press brew is a perfect full-bodied pot of coffee or tea in the traditional French Press method. Made of premium heat-proof borosilicate glass, it is durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. The Glass French Press is an uncompromising marriage of function and beauty.



This MacBook Portfolio is designed to carry and protect your 13-inch MacBook Pro. It features a magnetic flap closure and a large integrated storage pocket for your notebook and other small items. The Portfolio is made with Technik-Leather, a 100% vegan and sustainable performance fabric made from recycled plastic. It’s both durable and easy to clean. The interior is lined with soft microfiber made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.

Gifts From Female-Owned Brands



The Elevo Gemstone Double Old Fashioned Glasses are designed to elevate the experience of your favorite whiskey. Expertly crafted from lead-free European crystal, they are set with princess-cut, semi-precious gemstones, thought to promote clarity and strength. These pieces are jewels for your bar that make everything you imbibe taste better.



Meet Wyat: A candelabra with indulgent waves that support candlelight glow for every joyous dance party or intimate conversation over dinner.



These are the slippers you’ll live in at home. Inspired by a Moroccan babouche, made distinctly modern, they’re the proper house shoes that will make you feel chic no matter what else you’re wearing. Made entirely of leather, you’ll wear them all day, all year.

Gifts From B Corporations



This best-selling luxe leather backpack is ready for your next adventure. If you need a bag for everyday use, the sleek and chic Miramar pulls double duty for a stylish and super-durable leather backpack you can wear over your shoulder to the office, gym, or shopping. Adjust the shoulder straps for style and comfort, or hook the handle over your arm to carry it as a tote.



The bar cart is your oyster. Gleaming stainless steel takes shape in perfectly balanced, Italian-crafted barware to become any drink’s secret ingredient. From margaritas to micro-brews, there’s nothing you can’t sling.



Layer in a little color with this year-round essential: the Samburu Hoops. Sophisticated when worn solo or edgy when worn with more mini hoops. Handcrafted by artisans in Kenya using traditional techniques.

Gifts From BIPOC-Founded Brands



The Onice Rosa is a natural Pink Onyx stone, elegant, unique and intense. Long-prized as a gemstone, onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. It features mesmerizing jewel-like translucence and exotic banding in diverse shades. As stylish as it is a sensory experience, the candle makes a stunning gift or complement to your home.



Add a touch of luxury to your sofa or bed with this subtly-hued solid throw blanket. 100% natural dyes give it a muted, natural hue that adds a beautiful hint of color to your home. It’s handwoven in Ethiopia by artisans in a fair trade environment, with a butter-soft texture you’ll want to nuzzle with all day.



This circle linked chain bracelet is both elegant and contemporary in nature. The double looped circle with twisted detailing adds movement and contrast to the otherwise polished chain.

The Yan bracelet is part of an exclusive collection, made with carefully handmade detailing and thicker gold plating.

All photos are from the respective brands included in this post. Our Gifting Intelligence™ was used to select each product. To&From may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.