Long Weekend Blues? These 15 Gifts Will Take Your Stress Away

Now that the summer months are over…it’s time to focus on ourselves. September is Self-Improvement Month; a time to set new goals, and eliminate whatever is holding you back. The wrong relationships, a slip in unhealthy eating habits, too much endless (and mindless) scrolling could all be getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself. We are here to help. We’ve curated just the right products to help you or a friend get into a better groove.

Whether that is through fitness, journaling, or just taking some “me” time, we’ve got you covered with a list of gifts to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Gifts for the Body



Combat the stresses of everyday life with this soothing formula of chamomile, vetiver, and lavender. Targeted at alleviating tension, promoting relaxation, and reducing signs of stress, Pure Calm marries rich Ayurvedic wisdom and natural botanical extracts.



Work on your body with Bala! These thoughtfully designed fitness accessories are as beautiful as they are practical and are meant to be left out, so no need to whisk away your gear before your next dinner party.



This isn’t your regular handheld massager. It’s a new type of intelligent self-care device. With an intuitive built-in touchscreen, it offers personalized guided massage therapies, at a therapeutic range of frequencies coupled with lower amplitude, allowing for a comfortable and non-aggressive massage experience.



Keep track of key body metrics with the Oura Ring. The ring provides insight on your sleep, activity, and readiness— analyzing results and detecting trends to measure your overall personal health and help you understand your body, just a little bit better.



Gift a moment to de-stress with this expert blend of 24 essential oils.

In the form of a Scented Candle and Bath Foam, this Gift Set duo features Neom’s 100% natural, award-winning fragrance that will help create a touch of calm in anyone’s busy life.

Gifts for the Mind



Did you know? Puzzles develop memory skills, as well as an ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems. Cozy up with a cup of chai, and dive into this vibrant scene in puzzle form by Manuja Waldia.



So, wellness journals are a thing now. But this one promises not to put you in a box. This minimalist journal is the ultimate canvas for self-expression. Use it as a daily journal, a notebook or even a stripped-down planner.



Komuso monks of 17th century Japan used a flute called a shakuhachi to “blow zen” and find stillness. The Shift allows you to achieve similar results by helping you quickly and easily combat anxiety by slowing your breathing.



Daydream of your next restorative escape with this beautiful coffee table book by Angelika Taschen. Makes a great gift for those aspiring and current yogis!



These old fashioned hand hammered fair trade Thadobati Bowls from Tibet stimulate calm brain waves, helping you relax while meditating.

Gifts for the Spirit



This beautifully designed incense holder will keep the ash off your furniture, all the while looking stunning on your dresser, bedside table, or shelf. 

Comes with pure sandalwood incense sticks, known for their spiritual significance and calming properties.



Keep your spirit high with this Zen succulent garden. Not only do succulents have proven healing properties, but they also help improve your air quality, boosting focus and productivity. 



These botanical drinks are a great guilt-free, alcohol alternative. 

Ludlow Red is silky and deep, and pairs effortlessly with food, while Rivington Spritz is refreshing and bright, best enjoyed on a patio or a sunset rooftop bar. 

Each comes with its own blend of energy-boosting, memory-enhancing, fat-burning botanics, no added sugar, and 30 calories per serving.



We can all use a little help relaxing and getting proper rest. This set of goods was designed to help hone in on the right sleep and relaxation rituals for you. 

Contents include herbal tea, an aromatherapeutic mask, and a herbal smoke stick.



Known to offer an array of benefits, legend has it that cocoa was a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl. 

Handmade by artisans in Mexico, this Hot Chocolate Gift Set is the real deal.

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