Preschool to College: Graduation Gift Inspiration for All Ages

Time flies by. And with kids, even faster! Celebrating their achievements, big or small, can mean more to them than you will ever know. While High School and College graduations are hugely important occasions to celebrate, so are the little ones! Keep the encouragement going, and support their dreams by rewarding their efforts. To help you navigate the sea of gift options available, we have compiled a list of thoughtful graduation gifts tailored to different age groups. From practical essentials to meaningful keepsakes, these gifts are designed to inspire and support graduates as they embark on their next journey. We hope you’ll enjoy this gift guide, and for more graduation gift ideas, click here.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Graduations



A great gift, and perfect entertainment for a graduation party, this lama-shaped candy-filled piñata is so cute, they may not want to break it.



Celebrate their achievements and get them excited about that long-awaited summer roadtrip with our fun bundle game box! This exciting bundle includes everything they need to start their vacation, before it even started.



Have a blast designing these custom graduation sugar cookies! Freshly-baked and decorated by hand, these cookies will be the talk of the party, guaranteed.

Elementary School Graduations



The perfect gift for an aspiring photographer, this gift set features the world’s smallest instant camera, is portable, wearable and comes with a selfie mirror.



Why fit in when you were born to stand out! Featuring mismatched European glass beads, this intentional bracelet was made to remind you of exactly that.



A wonderful gift for a board game fanatic, this leather travel backgammon set is perfect to bring to the beach, park, or anywhere really. Opt to have it customized for a personal touch.

Middle School Graduations



This outdoor-ready portable smart speaker is lightweight enough to carry around in a backpack, but sturdy enough to last all throughout highschool (and college too!)



Give them permission to live a big life — to dream big, wish big, hope big. These earrings act as a reminder to not set limits on what they can achieve, and to go after what sets their soul on fire.



Handy and simple, the pocket has just the right amount of storage to keep their hands free while on the move. This design features an exterior front pocket to store spare cards and cash, as well as a larger interior pocket for a mobile phone or camera.

High School Graduations



Made from one of the rarest materials on the market, this watch is everything they need to jumpstart their college years! Available in four stylish colorways, this is the perfect gift for a teen.



At this point, who HASN’T heard of Yeti?! Whether they’re heading off to college or spending the next couple of months travelingtrekking, or beaching, this personal cooler will without a doubt come in handy.



A grand grad gift, this dainty necklace is as special as its wearer. Made from 100% recycled 14k solid yellow gold and adorned with an Australian cabochon opal.

College Graduations



Let the celebrations last with this all-natural soy wax blend, perfect for their first post-dorm apartment, the candle typically burns between 60-80 hours, talk about celebrating!



So they graduated college! Welcome them into their yuppie era with the internet’s most innovative catchalls.



That’s right, they did it! And if that doesn’t deserve a trophy, then we don’t know what does.

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