Gifts for the Busy Bee

We all have one in our life – that person that seems to have their candle burning on both ends and in between. The question we hear all the time is, “How do you gift them what they need the most – more time in the day!”?

There is an old adage that if you want something done right, give it to a busy person. Many of us see this in our day-to-day lives – the busy mom who works, manages her child’s sports team and still makes time to show up for the charity gala. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? It’s a mystery to many, but when asked, this person is likely to say that what they really want for the holidays is more time in each day. Time to spend with her kids, time to connect without interruption when talking to a friend or family member and most of all, time for herself to disconnect and recharge.Finding gifts for the busy bee can be daunting – she seems to have it all together, so what could we possibly gift her that would make her life easier? Well you see, gifting is kind of our thing here at To&From. And with the help from some of our busy bee friends, we’ve compiled the ultimate gift guide for the busiest of bees.

We asked Disha Gulati, founder of Here Here Market for any tips that help her get sh.. done. “As someone who is not the best at weekly meal prep, my top time-saving hack for weekday dinners is using an Air Fryer. It’s perfect for sneaking in vegetables for my toddler, whether it’s sweet potato fries, roasted broccoli, or carrots. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to cook proteins like fish and chicken. Diversifying your pantry staples can further help you get out of a rut on top of elevating your everyday cooking. For a perfect pantry upgrade, consider trying the Exclusive Restaurant Tour: Chicago Edition gift box.

Shannon Davenport, founder of clean beauty brand Esker, shared with us a few tips too… “I’m a big bullet journal person. And after trying so many digital tools, I still rely heavily on my paper planner or a physical journal. I like to do a nightly download in my journal before I go to bed and I swear it helps me sleep better. Also I feel like having some special pens and journaling supplies makes the entire process of getting organized a bit more fun.” The To&From “So, what’s the plan?” box helps make planning a breeze, on a budget. From meal planning, to to-do’s and long-term bucket list goals, this box will help bring you just one step closer to realizing even your wildest dream. And if you’re looking for something a little more personal, consider this chic personalized Planner & Notebook Set by Papier.

At To&From, our years of experience in the gifting space has given us deep expertise into this joyful yet complex space. And being busy bees ourselves, we know exactly how to save time and what to gift the people that need it most. But we’ll let Bridget Johns, the busiest bee of the company share her ultimate favorite time-saving gift. When asked, she said, “I am a bit biased, of course, but I love solutions that use AI to help manage the everyday. What makes Yohana especially unique is that they have real people backing their technology, which adds a friendly human touch to their family concierge services. The team at Yohana can help with many task you don’t have time for, and with a little help from To&From, they are able to help complete nearly any gifting need you have. They can also plan travel, prepare meal plans for you, and even help you stay on top of camp forms and dentist appointments. A Yohana subscription is the one no-brainer gift that will truly delight the busy-bees in your life.”

Scroll through for some more awesome gifts for busy people:



Busy bees don’t have time to untangle cables. This set keeps all their tech chargers tightly snugged in place, so they can spend that time getting things done.



Sometimes, all a busy bee needs is a 10 minute power nap. This gift helps facilitate that. It may not be sexy, but it surely gets the job done.



On-the-Go 24/7 is a collection made up of organization pouches which was literally MADE for busy bees. Founded by a busy bee herself, Amie Swan created this line for the women who do it all. Categorized by number, there is a style and size for truly everyone out here.



It’s not all about being a Busy Bee. Sometimes, they also need to wind down after a long day of being…well, busy!



Busy people don’t have time to wait in lines…Clear allows you to move faster through important events; trips, concerts and games.



Replace their notebooks and printouts with the only tablet that feels like paper. All their handwritten notes, to-dos, PDFs, and ebooks, perfectly organized and in one place.



They also don’t have time to constantly reheat their morning beverage. This gift will save them the trip to the microwave. Plus, it doubles down as a phone charger when not in use, so they’ll never run out of battery.



Last but certainly not least, the ULTIMATE gift for the busy people in your life. Need a last-minute Japanese tutor before an important client visit? A plumber to fix an impromptu leak? Accommodation ideas in Curaçao? Check, check, and check. 

For a limited time, gift a 6-month Yohana subscription for only $49/month. Use code FRESHSTART49 at checkout. Offer valid through 1/15/2024.

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