Don’t Stress About Gifting. Relax AND Deliver Joy With To&From

One in three people have made the cardinal sin of forgetting their partner’s birthday – and men are twice as likely to forget. If you, like many Americans, have trouble remembering birthdays and anniversaries, or never know what gifts to buy when you do remember, To and From is here to help. We built To&From to solve these pesky problems, delivering just the right gift ideas at just the right time for any relationship or occasion. The best part? Using our gifting app is totally free.That’s right folks! Free. So whether you’re looking for ways to effectively manage your holiday shopping stress or just looking for great gift ideas for your loved ones throughout the year, To&From can help. 

It’s also really easy to organize your account, so let’s get started.

# 1 - Remembering the Important People in Your Life

Using the app’s Gifting HQ, you can easily add and manage all of the important people in your life, including their important dates. By doing so, you will receive upcoming occasion reminders, as well as gift recommendations to go along with them. But giftee management is just one of the many features of our app, and only one of the many ways in which To&From will simplify your life.

How To: Add, Edit and Manage Your Giftees

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: Add and Manage Giftees and Occasions, All in Once Place

# 2 - Finding the Perfect Gift


Our ultra-specific filters allow you to browse gifts by interest. Your mom’s got a green thumb? We’ve got a filter for her. Dad into hiking? We’ve got one of those. Got a tech-savvy bestie? We’ve got options for her too. 


We’ve even included a Social Interest filter, so you can shop for the causes that mean most to you.

Finding personalized gifts is easy using the Gifting Quiz. Simply complete it by selecting the answers that best fit you or your giftee, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our Gifting Intelligence will match you with a celebrity persona, and curate custom gifts that best suit them. Fill it out for yourself, or send it to a friend or relative to get to know them just a little bit better. 

Your results can be shared via text, email, or wherever else you’d like to broadcast them.

#4 - Remembering the Great Gifts You Found

Using our bookmarking tool, our app allows you to save products by giftee and occasion, allowing you to stay organized by getting a headstart on gift shopping for the ones that matter. We get fresh gifts weekly, so it’s always a good time to browse our app. You never know what gem you might find!

Without tooting our own horn, there truly isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t be using To&From. Your gifting skills will improve, and your relationships will too. Talk about a life hack!

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