Empowering Gifts for the Badass Women in Your Life

Women’s History Month calls for celebrating all of the incredible women in your life. Your mom, sister, neighbor, daughter, lover, cousin, coworker, or employee all deserve some praise for all the hard work that they do, and what better way to praise than with gifts? To&From was founded by a badass woman and as such, we wanted to feature some badass gifts, from badass women, for badass women. So whether you’re looking for a little something to celebrate yourself, or an important woman in your life, you’ve come to the right place!



When told she needed a rich man, Cher boldly responded “Mom, I am a rich man”. This daring statement piece gives off all the empowering energy needed for this month and beyond!



Give yourself or a loved one the motivation to chase your dreams! These dainty earrings come with an inspirational message and make the perfect gift for someone that wants to mark this special occasion but is on a budget



There is nothing quite like the gift of taking a moment to yourself while sipping on some chai and putting together a beautiful work of art. This sweet bundle brought to you by two female founders reminds us that comfort can be sought, even from life’s toughest challenges.



This fun candle is brought to you by a 15 year-old candlemaker named Rose. If this doesn’t ooze off female power, then we don’t know what does.



For some, working out can be a burden. But with a Bala kit, we guarantee it won’t feel like that. Designed for the busiest of bees, this on-the-go kit will ensure you can take your Bala swag wherever life takes you.



May this luggage tag inspire its owner to travel places. New places, exciting places, successful places.



There’s truly nothing like new hair (or new haircare) to make a woman feel confident and beautiful.



Ideal for daily manifestations and motivational statements, this customizable letterboard is the perfect accent piece for any home.



New MUTHAs. Current MUTHAs. Soon-to-be MUTHAs. Trying-to-be MUTHAs. This set has everything a woman needs to conquer the world, and makes a beautiful gift for anyone on their motherhood journey.



This limited-edition gift set was intentionally curated to create a relaxing experience for self-reflection. The 31-day wellness planner is filled with journaling prompts and mood trackers to help you turn your dreams into a reality so you can achieve the best version of yourself.

All photos are from the respective brands included in this post. Our Gifting Intelligence™ was used to select each product. To&From may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.