About Us


We are Bridget and Kristina, Co-founders of To&From. Our paths crossed 7 years ago as we bonded over our careers in retail, our kids and our shared passion for solving some of the biggest challenges facing the retail industry today.

Over the years, we’ve discussed our own challenges of finding the right gift. We wondered, why is it so hard for everyone involved?

  • Gift receivers (Giftees) are often disappointed.
  • Gift givers (Gifters) struggle finding just the right gift.
  • Brands are always searching for customers that will love their products.


To&From solves today’s gifting problem by bringing Giftees, Gifters and brands together in a fun and meaningful way, changing how we think about gifting and bringing the joy and delight back to the experience.

We are committed to building a company we are proud to call our own, where our team is excited to give their all every day. Our values push us to work hard and deliver, while creating an environment that respects the unique perspectives of our team, celebrates their contributions, and rewards based on merit and results. It sounds so simple, but we know how often these things are overlooked.

It means everything to us that you are here. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Happy gifting,

Our Team




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