12 Best Gifts for Mom

Of all the gifting holidays, Mother’s Day is one that can bring the most stress. Relationships are complicated and almost none so fraught with complexity as the one we have with mom. She’s been with you through thick and thin in all of the ups and downs of your life and probably is the person who knows you the best. So why is it so hard to buy for her? Well, it’s because we are human and have a lifetime of experiences that all come together in one big ball of emotions on this one day. Maybe you feel like your mom wanted you to lead a different life, or maybe you have regrets about how you’ve treated your mom over the years. Perhaps it’s hard to live up to the standard you think has for you. No matter your relationship with your mom, deep down there is usually love. Deep, pure, honest love and you want to celebrate her in the best way. Maybe those complexities of motherhood are a great place to start. Check out our guide for Mother’s day, based on the type of Mom she is, below.

Is your mom the one who put you before everything else, even herself? She was at every concert or every sports event and you know she would drop nearly anything to be with you in a time of need. She says “I don’t need anything for mother’s day.”, and she actually means it. All she wants in life is for you to be happy, which makes the pressure even greater. You WANT to honor her on this day because of all she’s given to you.



No need to break the bank for this mom, she will LOVE that you thought of her. She likely will display this trophy in the kitchen so she can admire it while cooking your favorite meal for your birthday.



Does mom live far away? Treat her to this skylight frame that automatically updates with a quick text message. Share it with your siblings and make sure that mom is up to date on everyone’s lives on the daily.



Engrave a small, special thank you message for mom that she can carry close to her heart.

This mom loves to be pampered but will tell everyone that all she wants for mother’s day is to see her children. Of course, you all know you are expected to show up with a gift in hand and it’s a contest between the siblings to get the one she will love the best.



If your mom is the “oh, just a little splash” kind of woman, this Vinglacé wine cooler is perfect for her. It will keep her chardonnay cool to enjoy throughout the afternoon and she will always tell her lady friends “my daughter gave me this wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.”



If you can’t make it for lunch, send flowers. A LOT of them. Send these flowers and she might even forgive you.



This duo is luxurious enough for your mom to chill out with a steam shower and lasting enough for you to be remembered throughout the year. 

This mom means business. She knows what she has done for you and she has high expectations for how she will be honored on this day. Luxury is the name of the game with these three gifts.



Pack this goody with some beach essentials and promise to spend some quality time with Mom this summer – you’ll be her favorite kid before you can even pick up the check.



Normally dish soap would not be on anyone’s list for Mother’s Day but when this dish soap is paired with a couple of other products with this beautiful presentation AND when Mom finds  out that Courtney Cox is the creator of the brand, she will love it – and you just a little more.



Always dressed for the occasion, mom always loves a great accessory. This one is sure to bring her loads of compliments.

 Your mom is simply the best. She doesn’t need a gift and you don’t feel pressured to get her one, but if you found just the right thing you would. She’s the mom that is loved by all of your friends and the one that is your first call when anything good or bad happens. These unique gifts are just as special as she is.



Customizable and interchangeable, this bag gives you the foundation to treat mom to more looks over time. She will love the uniqueness of this bag and will be proud that it’s from a female founding duo with sustainability as a core value.



She’s a goddess to you and she will adore the uniquely symbolic meaning of these shoe charms. You might have to explain them to her but once she’s got it, she will love it.



You call her almost every morning, often pulling her away from her coffee and crosswords. Make sure she gets back to a hot cup with this Ember mug. No more reheating cold coffee in the microwave after your calls!

We hope you have a wonderful day – celebrating or being celebrated and we hope that this Mother’s Day brings you just a little closer to the ones you love.

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