11 Great Gifts for Any Eco-Warrior

Earth Day (April 22, 2022), to our knowledge, isn’t a big gift giving holiday. However, we all have friends who are incredibly passionate about the environment (shouldn’t we all be) and who are always looking for great products that solve their needs in environmentally friendly ways. Environmentally friendly products come in many shapes and sizes, and we’ve chosen to focus this Earth Day Gift Guide on three specific groups of products: things that replace one-time-use solutions; items that reuse precious resources; and products that take a sustainability first mentality, thinking about the impact of their products from day one. 

We all have a role to play in protecting our natural resources and creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to follow. We are impressed with these companies, their products, and the impact they are seeking to make. As you consider your gifting needs around this Earth Day, and every day, we encourage you to check out this list!

Gifts to Replace One-Time-Use Products

Nobody likes a one and done product – it feels wasteful and expensive, and the environmental impact is real. Even young children are trained to reject one-time-use water bottles. These 4 products are terrific alternatives to their legacy parents, and each of them make a terrific hostess gift.


From $12.00

Celebrate Earth Day by wrapping your special presents in this fun, colorful, and eco-friendly reusable fabric gift wrap!


From $18.00

The best hostess gift! We love these reusable food wraps–perfect for a lunch box or leftovers.



For a kitchen splurge, take care of all of your single-use needs with one purchase. A great gift for a special friend, or for yourself!


From $7.00

Shampoo packaging drives us crazy too! We love how Superzero is reinventing how we think about shampoo and conditioner, making packaging-free, biodegradable, concentrated hair and body care bars with formulas for everyone.

Items That Reuse Our Precious Resources

We’d like to think that we can out-innovate the dangerous and long-lasting impact of plastic, but for now it seems reusing plastic in innovative ways is the best starting point. These companies are turning waste into wonder with fabulous products that are sure to please.



We love the lightweight tote recently introduced by Rothy’s. It goes everywhere, is made from recycled plastic bottles and comes in several fun colors!



Cotopaxi’s Del Dia collection uses recycled materials and scraps to make their products. We like the laptop covers for the element of surprise–they choose the color!



A splurge for sure, but if you are buying someone a special gift and you have the environment in mind, you can’t go wrong with this sustainable, carbon neutral, fabulously designed suitcase!

Sustainability-First Mentality

These companies are real stars – rethinking materials and production from the ground up, leading their industries to better solutions–solutions that are good for the environment and good for gifting.



Doesn’t it drive you crazy how herbs come packaged in the grocery store? Stop the plastic madness with your endless at-home herb supply!



With ingredients straight from the farm and 100% free of the bad stuff, this body oil is sure to make you feel great–on the inside and out.



Socks as a gift? Only when they are super special like these ones from Definite Articles, a certified B Corp pledging to help solve the planet’s plastic problem.



All profits from this recycled sailcloth bag are donated to charities supporting the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine–good for the environment and good for the soul….a double win.

All photos are from the respective brands included in this post. Our Gifting Intelligence™ was used to select each product. To&From may earn a commission for purchases made through our links.